Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Australia Trip, Part 1.5

Since I last posted, C has kindly shared a few pictures with me. So, here are a few from the last post, when we were in Melbourne with K and I didn't have a camera. But just a few.

An echidna. They are mammals that lay eggs. Wikipedia says that they have a four-branched penis. That was not on display. I thought they were poisonous, but a search says no. They do have spurs that would probably hurt.

Some elephants. If I wrote a picture book, it would be about a wild and wacky elephant. I think Mo Willems has that locked up, though.

A curious little penguin. The ones at the Melbourne zoo were in a fenced enclosure, and could come up right to the front of it. Little penguins burrow to lay eggs, so the dry, grassy, dirty exhibit isn't so different from how they'd otherwise live on land. This kind is about a foot tall and blue-ish.

The view from our hotel. Queen Victoria Market is at the bottom of the photo.

A view from the Eureka Skydeck of the Yarra River and waterfront.

Another view from the sky. In the lower left, you can see the Shrine of Remembrance.

Parks and sports complex. The one that looks like golf balls is Etihad Stadium.

I think that's the Melbourne Government House. Because I just blearily followed people around on this leg, I didn't ever really get oriented to what was what and what was where. K pointed out that Melbourne is a mix of modern and older architecture, but I really liked that and I think it works. 

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