Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

This is one of my absolute favorite series from the past few years--yes, I have collected the set of ARCs and the set of hardbacks. Don't think there aren't paperbacks coming. And I've put off reading the novellas (something I usually skip when reading series) because I wanted to have one last bit left....

The tags feature should show you a few past reviews; I am loath to give away anything if you haven't started from the beginning. Start at the beginning! Suffice to say that The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson (HarperCollins - Greenwillow Books) wraps up the series in spectacular fashion.

What makes this book tick:
  • More exploration of the idea that with great power comes great responsibility
  • More complication of the relations between Elisa's kingdom and her neighbors
  • Political intrigue!
  • Kissing
  • Sacrifice
  • Acceptance of leadership
  • Family relationships, and related self-esteem
  • Negotiation
  • Big, epic adventure

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