Friday, November 22, 2013

Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst

Oh, the Cybils and its abundance of riches. This year, it seems like review copies are coming in about two weeks later than normal, so I'm hustling along as best I can...

One book that stopped me in my reading tracks was Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst (Bloomsbury - Walker). Eve hardly knows anything that the agents in the protection program don't tell her. She needs instructions on the basics of everything in her life. But when she looks at the birds on the wallpaper, she can make them fly. She remembers...a magician, a storyteller, a circus, deaths. But when she uses her magic, when she remembers, she's sick and loses time. The only way to use her magic safely is to breathe it into Zach, a boy who can take it and shape it anew.

Who is she? What do her memories mean?

What makes this book tick:
  • Memory as mystery
  • Secrets! Lies!
  • Meditation on humanity
  • Following your heart to find justice

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