Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Blue Girl - Charles de Lint (Read in 2004)

The Blue GirlThe Blue Girl by Charles de Lint (Penguin - Firebird) is another showcase of the author as a master writer, and he knows his universes backward and forward. Want to talk continuity? It's there, from the way magic works to the characters that pop up time and again. p. I fell in love with the stories in Moonlight and Vines and I was "uncomfortabled" in a good way by The Blue Girl, which is YA fiction for everyone. I particularly liked that this story was about friendship, and I often find that theme to be lacking in YA, even though friendships are at the heart of many teens' everyday experiences. This is urban fantasy, but not the urban fantasy that's really paranormal romance, and a fantasy of two very, very different girls finding themselves and themselves as friends.
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