Thursday, November 25, 2010

Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson

Claire de LuneIn Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson (Simon & Schuster - Simon Pulse) Claire is sweet sixteen, and there's something she's finally old enough to hear: she's a werewolf, part of a matrilineal society of loup-garou. Problem is, catching and curing (read: killing) werewolves is on the whole town's mind because a rogue has been knocking humans off one by one. Can Claire keep her secret from Matthew, that boy who's finally her boyfriend, when his father is the one leading the wolf hunt? Her mom says she's not meant to have human friends, but Claire loves her enough to rescue her--and Claire knows that real friends help you hide bodies.

Claire de Lune is an interesting take on werewolves; as an all-female society, that means that the power dynamics are a little different here. The best part is that Claire is very much an equal player in her romantic relationship--something that I wish I saw in more YA romance.

I read this book as a first-round judge for the Cybils Awards, which means that I may have received a review copy from the publisher (or not; I own a lot of the books in this category). I read some books nominated for the YA fantasy and science fiction category in 2010 before the nomination period, and may have already reviewed them or declined to make a public review; these books might not have a Cybils post tag. As a first-round judge, I was tasked with helping create a shortlist of books. My personal reviews do not reflect any actions or discussions of the judging committee.

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